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Unforgettable Person

Acts 20:35

1. Introduction
Close your eyes quietly. How many unforgettable people do you know? Four? Three? Two? One? Or zero? If you have some, you are a blessed person. Many people have no one.

2. Whom can one not forget?
When I was a student, I used to take a bicycle I the early morning to the train station. One morning as I arrived at the train station I realized that I had forgotten my commuter’s pass. I didn’t know what I was going to do, when suddenly I heard someone cal my name. It was my father! His head and overcoat were covered with snow, and he had been sick and in a cast. However, when he found my commuter’s pass at home he forgot himself, his disease and pains. I cried to see him, and I cannot forget that moment even now.
The unforgettable person for you is someone who forgot themselves and sacrificed themselves for you. Their image is inscribed in your heart. They will live in your heart forever, even in the spirit world.
If someone sacrifices themselves for the sake of an individual, they become the unforgettable person for the individual, but not for others.
If someone sacrifices themselves for the sake of the family, they will become an unforgettable person for the family, but not for other families.
If someone sacrifices themselves for the sake of the nation, he will become an unforgettable person (hero) to that nation, but not for other nations.
If someone sacrifices themselves for the sake of God and mankind, they will become a saint. As long as God and mankind exist, that person will remain in the heart of God and mankind. Example: Jesus. Mankind has never forgotten Jesus, even after two thousand years.

3. To whom are you unforgettable?
In order to have the answer to this question, you don’t have to ask anyone. Close your eyes once more and ask yourself. You will have an answer.
If you sacrificed yourself for someone, they are the one who will never forget you. For whom did you work without sleep? For...


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