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Business Decision Making

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NOTE: You must answer all the questions in this assignment
Scenario 1
  Tea restaurant is one kind of restaurant which provides fast food, milk tea and other kinds of soft drink. Because of its tidy, clean layout and decoration style, fast service and suitable price, tea restaurant is becoming more and more popular in young generation. Ming Li, the general manager of Dongjun property management company, plans to invest such a tea restaurant at Chisha, where GDCC locates. Before this project initiation, he needs more detailed information about Chisha for his decision making, such as the consumption level, the rent price, the labor cost, etc. Now, you are required to provide him such information.   You need to collect data through surveying, and then analyze the data. Finally, you need to submit a formal business report for this decision-making project.

Task 1:
Make a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data for this project. The activities of questionnaire designing, delivering, data analyzing must be included. (1.1)

Task 2:
Describe the survey methods and frames used for data collection, and justify them. (1.2)

Task 3:
Develop and use a questionnaire and justify its design for your survey (consumer’s monthly income and expenditure at restaurant on a meal must be included). Select 3 questions from your questionnaire to justify. (1.3)

Task 4:
Calculate the arithmetic mean, mode and the median of monthly income collected through your questionnaire survey and give your conclusions base on your calculation results. (2.1)

Task 5:
Analyze the data of consumers’ monthly income collected through your questionnaire survey in form of tabular, bar charts and histogram. You also need to give useful conclusions base on your analysis. (3.1)

Scenario 2
The following data offered by Ming Li is about the operation performance of a restaurant, which locates at Tianhe district, Guangzhou. Through the analysis of these data, you will be more...


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