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America Is Not Serious About Fighting War on Terrorism

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The thesis of the book “When you ride alone you ride with Bin Laden” written by Bill   Maher, is a simple one:   "America is not serious about fighting the war on terror and in fact is doing much the opposite."

Maher's book is a compelling look at how we in America have forgotten the lessons   of war and 9/11. It is an insightful book that forces you to delve deeper into   how we as a society have become dangerously complacent about global   politics. Maher writes using direct language and demonstrates how we have   lost the meaning of the words support the troops and sacrifice at home for   the cause. He smoothly couples sarcastic points of view with humor and   drives home a clear cut message that we have lost sight of what it means   to act like an American citizens in today’s violent world and how we all share   a responsibility to educate ourselves about the role we play in current global   affairs. Maher also demonstrates in this book that every purchase we make   has an impact somewhere in the global economy.     The thesis statement of this book is that the American government needs   to step up and inform its citizens on how to fight the war on terrorism, as   members of this country we should take an active role in understanding how   we impact other countries with our choices. Americans should demand less   talk and more action concerning our protection. Furthermore it demonstrates   how we as Americans need to learn to sacrifice material possessions,   conserve precious resources, and reduce global poverty.    

There are four important points Maher shows we should be doing and   demanding from our government.   The first is self sacrifice. “When you ride alone you ride with bin laden”   (2002, Chapter 2, page 6) by Bill Maher. In it he points out how we have   failed in our understanding that when we drive our cars and SUVs we are   putting money into the terrorist’s pockets. He states directly, “when we   don’t conserve fuel we fund our enemies.” He drives home...


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