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Compartive Study of China English and American English

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A History of the English Language

    a system of arbitrary, vocal symbols used for human communication
    a system of words formed from such combinations of   and patterns, used by the people of a particular country or a group of people with a shared history or set of traditions.
    a non-verbal method of communicating ideas, a system of signs, symbols or gestures
    human communication by systems of written symbols, spoken words, and movements

    a particular communication system shared by people
    any system for giving instructions to a computer
    a type of speech or wording
    a system of human communication which consists of the structured arrangement of sound or their written representation into large units (morphemes, words, sentences, utterances)
    a variety of a language, spoken in one part of a country (regional dialect), or by people belonging to a particular social class(social dialect or sociology) which is different in some words, grammar, and pronunciation from other forms of the same language
    a dialect is often associated with a particular accent. Sometimes a dialect gains status and becomes the standard variety of a country (such as northern dialect in China)
    a dialect which can be used to communicate among people in social life (including politic, economic, cultural parts) becomes the standard language
The arrangement of the lectures:
1. English: Past, Present & Future (introduction)
2.The Indo-European Family of Languages
3.Old English (OE)
4.Foreign Influences on OE
5.The Norman Conquest and the Subjection of English
6.The Reestablishment of English
7.Middle English (ME)

    Albert Baugh & Thomas Cable, A History of the English Language (外研社)
    From Old English To Standard English(外研社)

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