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Change 2

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People change, yes I know. People’s heart could change, yes I know that too. People always thought that changes are a transformation to something good. Do they know, not all changes in life has a happy ending. Do they know that if a person change, people around that person changes too? Well, this is my story,
I have a friend, a girl, named Sarah. She is my closest friend ever. She has such beautiful hair that flows like the ocean breeze, eyes filled with secrets, and face like a thousand diamonds under moonlight. She is perfect. I met her last year, accidentally in a social network. Now, she lives just across the street, she moved here a couple of months ago.
I on the other hand who a boy that follows the “Jerk Theory”. Become bad to attract girls. Yes, I was mischievous but smart. Actually I am a straight A’s student in class only my attitude doesn’t fit that well. Yes, I used to like Sarah. Since I met her on the social network, I had been struck down by cupid’s arrow. For the first time, I fell in love. Girls used to want me but I heartlessly broke their heart. This time, I was the one who in is in love. When she says she wants to move to where I lived because of her father’s work I was so excited and jumping around. Seriously, I did that. I changed from that day onwards, but not for long.
I never tell anyone that I was in love with her. I always went to school together with Sarah. She had this personality that makes people want to be with her. Of course, I was happy because of something else. She was very playful, happy go lucky kind of girl; which makes her cute. I never really did see her crying.
Somehow, my best friend, Joe, noticed that I like her. He wanted me to spill it all out. He wanted to know. I trusted him because he was my childhood friend. But I never knew that he would use that trust against me. Sarah too, the girl I wanted the most, left me. I just had been stabbed in my heart by my best friend and the girl that I love. They...


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