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Philosophical Foundations of a Personal Worldview

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Philosophical Foundations of a Personal Worldview
Vincent Williams
April 8, 2011

Philosophical Foundations of a Personal Worldview
There are many aspects that shape an individual; one important aspect is their own personal worldview. Most individuals start forming their worldview at an early age from life experiences, relationships, and how they individual was raised. Many people have different worldviews of how they view the world. A worldview is an overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world; a set of simplifying assumptions about how the world works. A collection of beliefs, attitudes, and values held by an individual or a group that influences what we see and don't see (www.religioustolerance.org, 2005). The importance of a person's worldview is that it forms the foundation of their beliefs, moral values, and ethics. Worldviews establish a better understanding of why things happen, and the right and wrong choices we make in our lives. In addition, can help people understand why other individuals have different worldviews. The concepts of one's worldview, the beliefs about certain aspects of reality, are philosophical theology, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and philosophical anthropology. These five concepts lay the foundation of each individual’s worldview.
Worldview of individuals has been very important and significant to shape the entire world as we know it today. The importance of a worldview consists of shaping our actions, understanding why people choose wrong over doing the right thing throughout their life’s, and why we view the world differently from others. Our moral decisions are important to worldviews because they can change outlooks on other issues of worldviews. Worldviews can influence others and could even influence the power of governments. Also, in a way the media has so much influence they can change individuals worldview and how they perceive things. The media sometimes has a way of been bias and...


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