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Don’t While Examination

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1. Always don’t underestimate yourself
2. Don’t strain yourself physically and mentally
3. Don’t discuss your performance with your friends
4. Don’t compromise on sleep and balanced diet
5. Don’t yield your ears to rumors
6. Don’t ever be late to the examination hall
7. Don’t carry pens, pencils and calculators with out being         checked earlier
8. Don’t start writing immediately on the answer book
9. Doesn’t be pessimist always be optimist and see good side of life
10. Don’t start the answers immediately after getting the question paper
11. Don’t ever leave the compulsory question unanswered
12. Don’t waste too much of time in remembering the answers
13. Don’t ever continue answers for new questions in the same page
14. Don’t ignore the instructions stated in the question paper
15. Don’t ever start your answers with working
16. Don’t violate rules and principles set by profession
17. Don’t ever do incomplete presentation
18. Don’t forget to mark your answers with relevant question number
19. Don’t use too much marker and highlighter to mark your answers in your answer books
20. Don’t compromise on quality of answers
21. Don’t write answers for your purpose of understanding
22. Don’t ever leave the front page of the answer book without filling the question numbers which you have answered
23. Don’t be careless while tying tag to the additional sheet
24. Don’t worry about the exams after you come out of the examination hall
25. Don’t change your handwriting and pens every now and then.

1. Always don’t underestimate yourself – What ever your preparation may be don’t underestimate yourself. Be always confident and don’t go with what has happened in the past.
2. Don’t strain yourself physically and mentally – Presence of mind and physical fitness is very important as you need to be very much attentive and confident for 3 hours. So, don’t strain yourself too much both physically and...


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