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Students Who Want to Be Qualified but Fails in the Exam Repeatedly, Why !

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Students who want to be qualified   but fails in the exam repeatedly, Why !

This Essay / article has three theory namely  

Theory of sacrifice,

Theory of Fear and

Theory of Pain.

Read the aspect carefully. I hope it may be help you a lot.

The level of comfort with you now will prevent you to success ..Theory of sacrifice

All the   students who want to be qualified   and fails in the exam repeatedly! Why all of us are not successful in our carrier? Some were fails ?

I believe the reason for this is because they really do not want success. Why?   Because to be successful, we have to abandon the level of comfort we are presently living in.
What people who talk about being successful are really saying is that they want to be successful without doing anything about it.
We must be willing to endure a certain level of pain before achieving the desired goal. Success without commitment is impossible.
If someone is enjoying more success than you are, it’s because they’ve learned how to have the power of motivation work for them.
Key wards of success
“The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak
results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.”
— Napoleon Hill

Fear is the key factor against success!
So it is essential we begin controlling the fears that cause us to question our potential.

To begin with, we must understand that our strongest desires overpower the weaker desires. Your desire to become   must be stronger than just wish.   According to some well Sayers, strong mind have purpose and others just have wish! So just imagine , to become CA/CWA/MBA WHATEVER   is your purpose or just desire? Ask the question to your selves , you will surely get the answer.
There are certain reason which may delimit your success. Which is enumerated as follows

1.Your comfort zone
You may be not willing to forgive your level of comfort, which you need to sacrifice for...


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