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Formula for Getting What You Want

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Formula for getting what you want                                                                                        
“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act, not react”- George Bernard Shaw

You can never control your time, but always have complete control on your actions. And in long run and short run your actions decide your fortune. Actions have a peculiar feature; they do give us results either negative or positive. Let us consider some examples:

1. You can have good health only if you have you intake healthy food, good thoughts and take time for work out;

2. You can have small or big saving only if you start saving;

3. You can earn fame and name in your business or profession, only if you have done something worthwhile;

So there are some actions which are giving some results, if there is no action, you can not expect any outcome.

In any case, you need some action to create whatever you want. Now how to ensure you are taking all possible actions consistently every day. Here comes the one of most wonderful formula:

Let me explain the “magic formula” step by step:

(Let me request you start this exercise on excel sheet or piece of paper and do it consistently to find expected result)

1. First write down what do you want in your life and what are most important objectives you have e.g. good health, good saving and earning, reputation in business or job and so on….

2. Against first column above write down what actions you need to take in order to achieve what you want e.g. workout and healthy food for good health, saving money for good account balance, learning new skills to advance your career or business;

3. In 3 rd column write down present status of action (yes or no) i.e. whether you are taking all actions to create what you want. Please do not afraid if you get “no” against most of columns. (When I did this exercise I got 10 “no” out of 11 agendas.)

4. Start...


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