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Statistics of World War 2

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The Second World War firstly started between Great Britain and Germany. Its motive was to destroy and weaken the governments and religion of Russian communist. But again history recorded that although it accomplish all these ideas but it stated that it started when Poland was invaded by Germany and this cause great Britain to declare war on Germany. Then the war set up in this way, Germany, Italy, Japan, in one side and Great Britain, United States and Russia in another side.
                      The world war 2 statistics includes death count statistics, medical statistics, naval statistics, and home front statistics, landing statistics, equipment loss statistics and troop statistics. Among all the statistics the death count statistics is most important and mostly taken for granted, as the total amount off loses is assumed.
                      The world war 2 statistics vary extensively and greatly. In this case, an estimation of range of dead was made and it varied from 50 million to 80 million. In these millions of people who died in world war II, 40 to 50 million were killed by civilians, 13 to 20 million died by the diseases related to world war II, and 20 to 25 died military death and 5millions died in captivity as they were war prisoners. World war 2 statistics states that in World War II few nations disproportionally suffered than the other nations. Regarding the civilian causalities this is true. Lots of estimations was done in this case. In case of military causalities, it includes death while battle, death of the captive prisoners by diseases etc. In case of civilian causalities it includes sudden death which is cased due to bombing, holocaust victims, transfer of population in the Soviet Union and some by diseases and famine related to war. After all these still there is a conflict and confusion among the historians about the death cased during the world war. The exact amount of damage is still not clear to everyone. The nations which are...


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