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Chatting - Paper

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1.     Introduction

  1. Purpose of the Project

  2.   Problem existing in current system

  3.   Solution to the problem

      2.     Hardware and software specification

    3.     Project analysis

        3.1 Study of the system

          3.2 Input and output

          3.3 Process model used with Justification

    4.     Why Java

        4.1   Special features of java

    5.     Data Flow diagram

      5.1   Client registration

        5.2   Chatting

        5.3   Create new room

        5.4     Client logout

        5.5     Server shoutdown

    6.     Output screen

    7.     Codings

    8.     Scope

    9.     conclusion

  10.     Refrences



This Project Entitled as „INTRANET CHATTING‟ is used basically for chatting purpose with the remote clients or users on Internet or local networks. Here in this project a java client / server combination is used to chat with remote users. When a Client wants to chat with a user on a remote host, he sends a request to the Server with a identification name like chat-id, the server responds to the request by identifying the client-id which is already registered in the server domain and when matched his request is granted and the client can begin to chat with the remote users present on the internet or local network.
The power of Internet is such that it integrates together LANs located across diverse software and hardware forms into a single large communication network that spans the globe. The client needs to have a client software such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer to retrieve information as well as chat on the
www. WWW is referred to as Netsurfing. And it supports chatting, text, video and audio.
The benefit of using “INTRANET CHATTING” over other chatting tools is that, with the help of java, the programmer can create applet applications which can be use the internet as a server. Applets...


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