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Threats to Elements of Computer Security

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      Threats To Elements Of Computer Security:   Ways Employee Use of Emails May Breach Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability of Information.
      Gertrude Nyandat
      Grantham University

      Email has indeed become   the primary communications medium for most organizations, While email is critical to the operation of almost all organizations, it is also susceptible to a variety of serious disruptions that range eavesdropping, identity theft, message interception and modification and false messaging   are just some of the threats undermining the elements of a computing system. emailing provides an organizations with too many gaps in the system that can enable confidentiality, integrity and availability breaches. Employees can facilitate the breach of the core elements of computer security using the most valuable tool an organization cannot function without, “The Email”. information sent via email is at great risk of getting into the wrong hands and or losing its authenticity. it is of utmost importance for an organization to secure their email in the best ways possible.
      Keywords: Availability, Confidentiality, Data, Email, employee, Integrity,

      In today’s environments organizations are using information technology to do business; employees are using computers and the Internet more and more in their day-to-day work. E-mail is one of the many technologies organizations use on a daily basis.   Practically all organizations utilize email services in one way or another and provide their employees with work email addresses. Email is most widely used due to it attributes of convenience and cost effectiveness.   As much as email is the accepted way to send documents and information internally and externally for an organization it can compromise the very core elements of computer security; Confidentiality, integrity and availability. Gone are the days that email was regarded...


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