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Do You Think a Man and Woman Can Be True Friends?

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Before discussing about the true friendship between a man and woman, the meaning of “true friends” should be clearly defined. Although it varies from person to person, nobody may disagree that the friendship with the same-sex is the true friendship. Also, there is no other choice but to think of it as true friendship because it is the only one option left after we exclude friendship with the opposite-sex. Therefore, in this paper, the true friendship is considered equal to one with the same-sex. In this sense, it is naturally deduced that true friends don’t have any romantic feeling or sexual desire for each other.
And there is one more restriction for the subjects. A man and woman applied in this paper should not be either too young or too old. Specifically, people whose ages are only from 10 to 70 are included in this subject: Children under 10 are insensible to have a feeling of love, and adults over 70 are indifferent to this issue. In addition, homosexuals are also excluded since they are biologically against the human sexual nature. In sum, a man and woman in this text mean people from 10 to 70 who are mentally and physically healthy.
To become friends with some people, we must “know” them. Do you think it is possible to be a friend with a stranger you’ve never met before? We can be a friend with someone when we know who they are. And to know people, we should meet them. However, when we meet someone first, our immediate judgment is not whether they are good or not to be our friends. It is whether they are male or female. It is definitely true because the gender is the only information we can deduce from people we first meet. We can’t figure out what their real personalities are at the first sight, but we know what their sex is at the very moment we meet them. Like this, the cognition of sex is the foundation of relationship with people. In other words, the relationship with the opposite-sex and is fundamentally different from that with the same-sex. And...


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