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Demonstrative Communication

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BCOM 275/Business Communication and Critical Thinking
July 4, 2011
Donna Keene

We communicate both with verbal messages and nonverbal messages. Our words and what we say sends a message as well as our bodily expressions convey communication as well. According to our text, communication has been defined as the process of sending and receiving messages. This communication therefore must involve an exchange of thoughts and information issued by writing, behavioral gesturing, and or verbal contact. Any communication that is nonverbal is usually written or visual. Demonstrative communication entails sending and receiving wordless messages (Nayab, 2010).

As it relates to demonstrative communication this piece unfortunately lacks the intricacy that language has to offer. A person is simply not able to convey how they feel, or even an enjoyable moment without using words or literally showing it through pictures. Although visual communication can suggest information, it will at some point leave parts of the story, to the receiver that will be indescribable. People often incorporate demonstrative communication daily without being cognizant. Ones gesticulation and facial expressions can be interpretive many ways by many people and are often misconstrued. It is so easy for someone to get the wrong impression about someone they do not know based demonstrative communication alone.

I have often noticed that even in my work environment, when I smile at parents that are coming in to drop off their children at the day care center, I am sending a message. For me my smile has multiple purposes. One side of the smile could simply be saying good morning, or it is nice to see you again today. Another side of the smile could convey that, although I am happy to see the parent, you are delinquent in payment and need to quickly bring that account current. Usually the parents will smile back and say good morning. However, those parents that are delinquent can immediately...


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