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Examination Tension

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Examination Tension
We are not the only one who is facing the examinations. Generations have appeared in the past for examinations and generations will be appearing in the future too. The fact is one cannot do away with it nor can the students run away from the examinations.
      Many of us are able to learn and integrate information well, yet when it comes to being tested in an exam, some of us suffer from 'exam stress' and do not perform to the best of their potential.
What are examinations and why are they held?
Examinations are a test to the work you have learnt for the academic year. This is one of the ways to know if you are ready for the next class or not. Just like you cannot jump before walking same way you have to study in hierarchy to reach the next class and have to be ready and prepared for it too.
But over the years the word examinations have triggered an insurmountable block in the minds of the students who are appearing for it. It seems to be an uphill task for most parents, teachers and professionals to handle this fear.
What are the reasons for exam fear?                                                                                       The examination fear is due
    • Personal Experiences,
    • Fear of failure,
    • Fear of being judged by the significant people,
    • Expectations from self,   Parents, teachers,
    • Peer Pressure,
    • Naturally nervous, anxious   and worried,
    • Not prepared thoroughly,
    • Poor skills and study habits.
How does one overcome the examination fear?
When a student gets nervous during examinations the chances of his forgetting his work and messing up the exam paper is more.                                                                                                                                           The treatment to this major issue lies within each of us.   Well-organized and effective study habits are the key solutions to the examination fear. All you need to do is to...


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