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Proverbs, Literal and Translated

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■ Literal: The woman who did not know how to dance called the stage crooked.
■ Translation: Bad workmen blame their tools.
■ Ati shahaana tyaacha bail r;s
efdikaama (Marathi)
■ आग रामेवर आ
ण बंब सोमेवर Aag Rameshwari Aanee Bamb Someshwari (Marathi)
■ Literal: Fire in Rameshwar (city at southern tip of India) and firefighting in Someshwar (city in North India)
■ Translation: The problem is one thing and the solution is given for something else.
■ Bengali equivalent: ছেল কটা? না পুিড়েয় খােবা। Chhele koTa? na puRiye khabO.
■ আেগ প নহাির, পের ণ িবচাির। age rUp nehari, pore guN bichari. (Bengali)
■ Literal: Looks attracts first, quality qualifies later.
■ Ikkare Nilkumbol Akkare Pachha. (Malayalam proverbs)
■ Literal: The other side will be green when you are in this side
■ Translation: The grass is always greener on the other side.
■ Telugu equivalent: Poriginti pullakoora ruchi; doorapu kondalu nunupu.
■ Tamil equivalent: இகைரஅகைர ப ைச (ikkaraikku akkarai pachchai)
■ অিত সাসীেত গাজন ন। - Ati sannyasite gajon nosto. (Bengali)
■ unthon se mor marvane (hindi)
■ Literal: Too many cooks spoil the broth.
■ Maithili equivalent: यादेजोगी मठ उजाड़।
■ Aanakaaryam Pareyumbol Aano htrChenakkaryam? (Malayalam proverbs)
■ Literal: When you are discussing about elephant don't talk about yam matters.
■ Translation: Do not bring up small issues during major problems.
■ ದುೇ ೊಡಪ
■ In roman script: duDDE doDDappa (Kannada)
■ Literal: Money by itself is like a godfather.
■ Translation: Money is everything in real/practical world.
■ English equivalent: In God we trust, all others must pay cash.
■ Hindi:
■ Hindi Transliteration: paise hi sab kuch hai.
■ Tamil equivalent: காேசதாகடளடா (kAsEthAn kadavuLadA)
■ आपनॊ गूरॊ गूरॊ,दोसरा के गूरॊ समाठॊ लॆकॆ हूरॊ (Angika)
■ lavada: Boils on one's own body is considered as painful while those on others are deemed painless.
■ Translmadarchod bghoksgnxnation: One can not understand and realise the...


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