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Women Econoic Independence

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The dignity of women is intrinsically linked with the prosperity of a country. It shows the values that the society holds dear and brings out its hidden facets. A woman is a creator. She is God’s proxy.     In Hinduism there are as many goddesses as gods. There are 36 crore deities as per the Hindu mythology – to name a few, Maa Amba, Khodiyar, Boot Bhavani etc.A woman is termed as ‘Lakshmi’. Her footprints are said to be sacred and her feet laden with kumkum. India is a land where women are the most respected.Today the “Lakshmi’ is burnt alive by avaricious people. The ‘Lakshmi’ is beaten up. Female infanticide is practiced without penitence.The traditional role of a when born is to be a good daughter, learn all the household chores, help her mother with all the work, yet at the end of the day listen to all the humiliating comments by her parents, she is ill-fed, yet isn’t supposed to speak a word against it. This is all part of being a good daughter whether they give you proper food or not, whether they send you to school or not, whether they love you enough as your brother or not, you “have” to perform all the household duties as well as with the constant jabbering and beating.       Finally, a young girl is married off to a person whom they feel is appropriate and not the one she loves. Your in-laws show you some more cruelty, some more brutality as they just want your money! Whether you neither have it nor not, from your parents’ house or by any other means i.e., to say you may have to beg, borrow, or steal, but you have it get it. After all, you have show yourself as a good daughter-in-law right! Even after all this, if you fail to get the dahej, you are burnt alive. This is all part of being a good daughter-in-law and not protesting against all the injustice done to you. A woman is mainly used for sexual exploitation; she is the ‘legal harlot’ for a man.       Now, you say traditional roles served their purpose better! Of course they served their purpose...


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