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The Sandman

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Yipppity yo Yipppity yay will you wake up with your eyes in place......
It’s the dead of the night. Pitch black. The sound of silence is the loudest sound around; you take your time to survey the pitch black around you. You close your eyes and hope to fall into a sensual sleep, slowly you start to drift away, WHEN SUDDENLY you hear a mysterious creaking coming from the bottom of the stairs...
‘The sandman’ is the Oscar nominated animation directed by Paul berry. This dark animation is one of the most unnerving pieces of work that I have ever seen. The use of twisted dark humour has gained Paul Berry, not just an Oscar nomination, but has gained him the ‘best short film award’ of 1992. ‘The sandman’ was originally a traditional folk tale story. It told the tale of a loveable character that lulled children to sleep by sprinkling dust or sand into the children’s eyes.
However, along came E.T.A Hoffman who turned the story on its head. He turned the loveable sandman, into a sinister character that is evil and willing to take our most precious belongings without a trace of remorse.   Paul berry and his team convey the new Sandman in a brilliant light, the animation itself features no speech but a variety of sounds and music that speaks for itself.
The clock strikes 8, the child turns and takes a glance at the clock. He knows the time, fears the time but respects the time.   Guided by a small oil lamp, an encouraging pat on the head, the young child makes his ascent up a large winding staircase into the pit of darkness. On his way he encounters a whole load of scary surprises:   A creaking stair, Moving shadows, brutally black darkness and an evident fear of the dark. Soon enough the child reaches the top floor where he races to his bedroom and runs into a bed serenaded in the light of the moon.   Little does this poor child know but, as he lies in his bed, the sandman is making his way up the same staircase.   What will he do? No one can begin to comprehend...


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