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Questions About Women's Reservation

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Is women reservation justified ?
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Asked by Adarsh Mishra, 08 May '08 02:30 pm
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Answers (6)
no....its not at all justified....bcoz...if u say tat women n men r equal then there should no reservation...
Answered by shahroz khan, 08 May '08 02:34 pm
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yes.caste ka reservation justified hai toh women reservation bhi justified hai.
Answered by shruti abhay kulkarni, 08 May '08 02:33 pm
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yes this a way to give chance to the womans to show there ability.As they are unable to do it in lack of money & support.Also the mentality of our Indian society is always Purush Pradhan.That's why yet now womans are unable to make there good presence in Parliament even they are doing not the better but the best performance in other fields.They will prove them a good leader as they have much managing capacity in them.We have the examples of our President Ms.Pratibha,Ms Soniya,Jayalalita,Uma Bharti,Ms.Mayawati who became chief minister of UP 5 times.These examples are sufficient to show the ability and enthus in woman to show there quality.That's why in my opinion this reservation bill should be passed.
Answered by asha, 08 May '08 02:37 pm
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Women's interests can never be completely represented by a group of men. The very treatment of the reservation bill is proof of this. Everybody agrees on the principle of equal participation for women, but none will lift an honest finger to ensure equal representation. The Prime Minister, after reassuring the AIDWA women's delegation in May 2005 that the bill would be tabled in Parliament, and after it was included in the UPA government's National Common Minimum Program, has failed the women in India. Preventing women from creating their own leadership, and obstructing them from policy-making...


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