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Report of the Three Bears Crime number   0795095

Mr and Mrs Bear informed the police that at 7.30am on the morning of Wednesday, 16th June, 2010, their family house was burgled. Mrs Bear stated that she had made the morning’s porridge and because it was too hot to eat, the family had gone out for a walk. When they returned someone had eaten from the bowls and had eaten all of my baby’s porridge.

Mr Bear stated that when they had returned to their home, the front door was ajar. He said that when he went into the house he had noticed that his baby’s chair had been broken. He also stated that he checked if someone had been in their bedrooms. Mr Bear claims that when he had entered the room a young girl got up from the baby’s bed and ran down the stairs straight out of the house. He said that Mr. Bear did not try to stop her as she was caring for the baby and was concerned about his safety. He also stated that he tried to grab the girl as she had run passed him but she was too quick for his paws. She ran an easterly direction but he lost sight of her at approximately 200metres.

After checking the property, the police stated that there was little damage done and nothing was stolen. Mr and Mr Bear agreed the intruder being given a Caution, as Mr Bear said that he was   able to fix the baby’s chair.

CCTV cameras in the vicinity will be examined by a team of street security officers before a search commences.


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