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My Terrible Experience

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First of all, I wasn’t going to blog about this. I have had troubles with my former host since june/july, but I thought we could solve it and come to some sort of agreement. I’m a very reasonable person, I know mistakes can happen, and I was convinced they were a reasonable, customer-friendly company. However, I’m seriously doubting this now as the way I am threated by them is, in my opinion, very rude. Yesterday I received a letter from a debt collection office, and that really was the last straw. I feel violated in my rights as a customer – a customer who has paid them loyally and in due time, for the last five or so years. So please bare with me, as I need to get this off my chest.

By the way, I am talking about the dutch hosting company Dreamhost.nl and Dreamhost.be. My number one advice: stay as far away from their hosting services as you possibly can.

In their general conditions it says that their contracts are renewed without notice every year, and if you want to end their contract with you, you have to give them a notice two months prior. My contract is due in July (the 4th of July, if I recall correctly). Contacting them through their contact form was, according to the general conditions, enough to cancel your hosting. So I contacted them in April and said I didn’t want to renew my hosting with them. Of course I didn’t state all the reasons why, but the main reason was that they are extremely expensive when compared to other hosts, especially when compared to my new host now. Also I wanted more than one domain name, and you have to pay an additional 15 euros for every domain name (this is without the yearly registration fee for the domain name itself), and I didn’t agree with this policy. So I cancelled my hosting for the next year.

Now if you take a look at their website, you might notice that it all seems a bit hectic. Back in the days when I first purchased hosting (more than five years ago) you would be glad to find one or two dutch hosting...


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