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Ancient text and wise men have studied that “healthy nation makes wealthy nation“ and the first step towards becoming prosperous is through a healthy body. But how can a person become healthy in a first place?The answer to this question is through Games and Sports. Just as a library is necessary for the mental health of a person so is a playground for the physical health. Keeping this fact in mind our founding fathers made sports and essential part of the educational system.
It is not difficult to understand how Games and Sports lead to a good physical health. During the game, makes a person hungry. It is only when the player drinks fresh and cool water or a fruit juice and eats fruits that the thirst and hunger goes away. After a tiring game, sleep comes easy, therefore the question of late night does not arise. In other words Games and Sports promote health. It also helps in the relaxation of mind and helps us maintain physical health
The credit of making a person mentally strong is often taken by books. However, Games and Sports play an equally important role in making a person mentally alert and strong. Sports makes a person brave and bold.   He learns to keep his mental equilibrium under all circumstances. He masters the art of facing the life with a smile.
Discipline is an essential part of a person’s life. Co-operation and adherence to rules of the game is thus a must if the match is to be won to the rules. games and sports also teach us to be competitive in a good way and also helps in developing leadership qualities. In other words, The absence of Sports in our formative years makes a person deficient in manners of good citizen.
Therefore it can be said that Sports and   Games should once be promoted with sincerity and vigour, if we are to rise a healthy and hardworking generations of young people.


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