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Global Warming/Dimming

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Global Warming and Dimming

Global warming is the rise in temperature in the Earths Atmosphere, which can cause changes in climate. A warmer Earth can change rainfall patterns, rises in sea levels and also a big impact on plants, wildlife and humans. If the temperature changes the impacts on wildlife and plants would be that they will not be able to adapt to the climate especially in the rainforests..   This may cause them to eventually be extinct. Global warming is exactly caused by our atmosphere which has many different gases in it such as co2. The suns Rays naturally warm our Earth which pass through the atmosphere and are reflected back out to space again, the ozone layer is another important part of the atmosphere.
It's made up of ozone (a type of oxygen) that protects the earth from too many harmful rays called UVB. Some greenhouse gasses damage it letting in the harmful rays which could raise the Earth's temperature.

Global dimming is said to be caused by all the Greenhouse gases that can be found in our atmosphere, which cause dense clouds to make the suns rays to be reflected back out into space and the Earth become much colder.

Similarities of Global Warming and Dimming
- Caused by Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere
- Made Drastic changes in weather
Differences of Global Warming and Dimming
- Global Warming is to do with heating the Earth and Dimming is cooling the Earth.
- Warming has the suns rays directly onto Earth but Dimming is when it is in space away from it.

In an Inconvenient Truth they talk about how Global warming is affecting the earth. They show how ice shelf’s cause the rise in level which could cause major flooding. I believed how he said that it could affect the nature as they may not be able to adapt to the different climates. For example a Polar Bear lives in the Arctic and the only way they survive are in these types of weather conditions which are cold but if Global warming occurs the ice shelf’s will be hot and...


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