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Evolution of Cells

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Lesson 6- The Evolution of Cells, Organisms, and Microorganisms

There are three theories of the origin of life on Earth.   The first is that it arrived in the form of extraterrestrial sources; the other is that it originated as a heterotroph, and the last that is originated as an autotroph.   We had scientist explore this theories of life and find evidence of how the life started on Earth.   But till this day do we really know how life was started we can only go off the evidence that we read about in book.

There is yet no evidence to support or contradict panspermia; although the majority view holds that panspermia especially in its form is unlikely given the challenges of survival and transport in space.   There are also important issues of the atmosphere, and may be responsible for epidemic outbreaks, new diseases, and the genetic novelty necessary for macroevolution.   Panspermia does not necessarily suggest that life originated only once and subsequently spread through the entire Universe, but instead that once started, it may be able to spread to other environments suitable for replication.

The mechanisms proposed for interstellar panspermia are hypothetical and currently unproven.   Panspermia can be said to be both interstellar between star systems and interplanetary   between planets in the same star system, and its transport mechanisms may include radiation pressure and lithopanspermia (microorganisms in rocks).   Deliberate directed panspermia from space to seed Earth or sent from Earth to seed other solar systems have also been proposed.   One new twist to the hypothesis is that it proposes that plasmodia magnetic fields ejected from the magnetosphere may move the few spores lifted from the Earth’s atmosphere with sufficient speed to cross interstellar space to other systems before the spores can be destroyed.   Then transfer of material is well documented, as evidenced by meteorites of Martian origin found on Earth.

Space travel may also be a way...


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