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Gender Equality 1

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There are many people who are abuzz , and not least, appalled and outraged by the issue of gender discrimination in Malaysia . Countless rapes, murders, sexual harassment, and brutish perpetrations towards women have been reported in newspapers, television and other media. Not surprisingly, many NGOs and women associations, down to the people themselves, have aired their grouses and anger over this issue. They alleged gender discrimination is the main culprit behind these incidences. Accordingly, women in the country demands the government to do more for women in terms of their socio-economic stature, safety, accessibility to education and work opportunities and their importance in the country’s development. All of these issues culminate into what we call ‘gender equality’ as normally perceived by many of us. But sadly, many failed to see the need of gender equality for men. The welfare of men has been overlooked while the welfare of women is gradually improving in many aspects. They often perceived that only women who needs protection in terms of their right. There are men who also need aid from the government and society in many aspects.

I am not saying that it is wrong for women to fight for their right, but do bear in mind that men are also human beings who need to be treated fairly not only by the government but also in the eye of society. The stereotyping towards men need to be changed with an open mind. As I have mentioned earlier, the media often portrays women as the victim of rapes, sexual harassments, job opportunities and other social problems like divorce and depression.But for men there are many issues close to their hearts but due to social stigma of labeling men as ‘strong, independent and in-control). Men are not expected to display their weaknesses, affection and to be independent. In these modern days, even though both men and women work but many still demand men to bear almost all of the family expenses. I know many would say that men should...


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