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Write a Report of an Accident You Witnessed

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Incident Reports: Introduction

An incident report describes something that happened. Incident reports are commonly used in the workplace to report the facts about: • • • • • serious illnesses that result in a 911 call health and safety issues situations when someone acts violently thefts or serious damage to workplace equipment or private property situations where someone’s rights are being violated

At work, you may need to fill out an incident report form if you witnessed or were involved in an incident in the workplace. In your personal life, you may have to write a report about a traffic accident or an incident you witnessed or were involved in. Here are some tips for writing an incident report: 1. Present the facts. It’s important to be objective when presenting the facts. Describe the events as they happened without adding your own opinion or feelings about the situation. 2. Use chronological order. Always report the events in the order in which they happened. You can use sequence markers (first, then, next, and finally) to show chronological order. 3. Use clear language. Use short, concise sentences that clearly state the facts. 4. Be accurate. Present the information as accurately as possible. Include the exact time, date, location and names of the people involved. Incident reports are sometimes used in court cases and union grievances, where an accurate account of the facts is crucial.


Discuss the following.

1. Give examples of incidents that would require you to write a report. You can use examples of incidents that you’ve witnessed or experienced. 2. Why would it be necessary to write a report about an incident where someone’s rights at work were violated? 3. Imagine that you were present when a co-worker had a heart attack at work. Do you think it would be necessary to write an incident report? Explain why or why not. 4. Why would you need to write a report if someone had an accident at work and injured themselves?


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