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Trombone Exam

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  1. Explain how your instrument with the use of a diagram.
The way that the trombone makes its noise is by how the main slide is moved up or down form when you blow into the mouth piece. The vibrations of this instrument make the loud sound and by moving the slides it will change the pitch.

  2. Identify the family your chosen instrument belongs to and list the instruments included in the family. Include pictures of the instruments.

              Trombone       Trumpet
                                                      French horn
This is the brass family. The brass family have a lot of changes but these instruments by an idea from a sea shell and the thought of a horn from the shell. Then in the 1400’s the trombone formally known as sackbut that’s how all the brass family started. Once there’s a lot of history with the brass family:
        • Trombone: formally know as sackbut was introduced in the early 1700s in from Italy in the renaissance. But some studies show that it was a ancient instrument because they found evidence that it may come from the early Greeks in 685 B.C.

  3. What musical role does your chosen instrument play? Is it the melody of the rhythm?

The trombone plays melodies and rhythms. Because of the main slide it can change the pitch of the noise it produces. To tune the instrument you pull the tunning slide until it is able to play the right notes.

  4. Describe and illustrate three major changes your musical instrument has undertaken over time. If possible support with pictures.
The instrument has evolved over the years here are some graphics to show the changes of the trombone over the many, many years:
                        This is a bass trombone they are a big change since the first
                        When trombones came out the did not have extra tubing
                                                    These are made for extra tubing.

The regular trombone never...


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