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History of Uwala-Ovuvu

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This research work is the study of the origin the Owalla-Avuvu people in Ikeduru Local Government area of Imo state. Owalla-Avuvu falls under Orlu senatorial zone of Imo state. She shares boundaries with Amakohia, Eziama, Uzoagba, and Amalla-Avuvu. Owalla-avuvu occupies an important position among her neighboring communities this is because she has played an important role in settling disputes among other neighboring communities and also because of her loving, caring and hard working industrious inhabitants. They are also recognized for their productive agricultural skills,
Owalla-Avuvu as a part Igbo community and like every other West African society had established its political, social and economic institutions which have helped in the gradual development of my community and the society at large.
Therefore, this research work takes a critical look of how my community with the institutions, have existed from the beginning till date.

1.2 LAND
Owalla-Avuvu as a community has enough land for commercial agriculture, she has a large land mass, so large that most citizens of neighboring villages sometimes rent land from Owalla-Avuvu no wonder the government built an agricultural center in a place called Mbarachara which in our native language means a “grass plain” , this place is actually very fertile here agricultural specialists grow different crop types such as cassava, maize, mango, pear palm fruits, etc. the citizens benefited and are still benefiting from this development. Owalla-Avuvu is generally categorized into a rain forest land.

Apart from being hard working, the people of this community are well known for their hospitality, industrialism, and accommodative characters and most of all they do not discriminate neither do they believe in tribalism. This is because they have inherited these characters right from their fore fathers. This has been their tradition up till date. They are also known to be...


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