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Cremation and Residential Conflicts in Ogbomoso North Local Government

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Cremation and residential conflicts in Ogbomoso North Local Government
The Local Government, being an urban is strategically located and served as link to northern parts of the country with total land mass of 207.978 square kilometers. It has a population density of 1,084 persons per square kilometers. Using a growth rate of 3.2% from 2006 census, the 2010 estimated population of the Local Government area is put at 225,408. The Local Government   Area is bounded by Ogbomoso South Local Government Area to the South, Oriire and Surulere Local Government Area to the West and east respectively.
The residents of Ogbomoso believed that since there is no law against them burying in the residential area, so such operation is not a nuisance or threat to public health, safety, or the quiet enjoyment of neighboring occupants.
In order to investigate existing conditions of cremation, including perceptions of cremation management focusing on the reduction of pollutants. The methodologies used in the research could be divided into four steps. Firstly, literature and preliminary site data, including those collected for a site visit, were examined to get overall information of the site of cremations in Bangkok Metropolis. Documentary examination was done to gather related background information and data. The second step was to develop questionnaires and carry them out with a sample of Bangkok people. The third task was key informants' in-depth interviews, and the last step was to derive conclusions and discussions from the research and to propose guidelines for the future. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze data.


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