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You know that there are many countries in the world, where people of different nationalities and ethnic groups live together. Some of these countries are very prosperous and wealthy. Other countries are poor and live in the state of a constant conflict, since different nationalities cannot get along with each other.

This is a brief introduction to what you are going to write about in your essay on national integration. This problem is rather acute nowadays, and you will have to give some recommendations on its solutions in your essay on national integration.

Take into consideration that it is better to consider a particular country in the essay on national integration. Or you can review this problem for several countries of a certain region. For instance, in your essay on national integration you can discuss several African countries, since this is a really actual problem for them.

Now, let us give you some recommendations on writing the essays on national integration.

The essay on national integration should definitely disclose the term of regionalism, which is a key term for covering the topic of national integration. Briefly, regionalism is a phenomenon when different groups of people live on the discrete territories of a certain region and strive for the recognition of their differences.
In the essays on national integration you can tell that regionalism may lead to collective consciousness, but mostly it leads to territorial separatism and conflicts. The main reason for the conflicts is that people feel their belonging to a certain region.

In your essay on national integration you should give the examples of some countries that managed to overcome the phenomenon of regionalism. Mostly, these are developed European countries that have a federal form of the government and that could overcome the religious, language and some other problems. In the essay on national integration you can give an example of Switzerland.
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