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What Is Good Government to Me?

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Jerika Marie A. Arceo IV-Einstein

Essay: What is Good Government to Me?

Welcome to the Philippines! Welcome to the 7,107 islands of pure magic, mystery, and mayhem.
The Philippines is a third world country; we are all aware of this. Just a stroll down the streets of the metro will slap the reality on your face-street children almost everywhere, middle-aged men shouting their voices out selling fake, pirated, and illegal DVD’s, and the stench and untidiness of the streets. Just the mere feeling of non-security that you get and the fear of possible death whenever you wander alone make you feel unsafe in your own country and own home. Jobs are not being offered to everyone, and if you are not wise or smart enough you would end up being jobless for quite a long time. Prices in the market are so soaring while paychecks and wages drop to the floor. Political and extrajudicial killings are widespread, and the corruption here is even worse. In a span of a little over a decade, the Philippines went from “Asia’s Tiger Economy” to one of Asia’s Most corrupted country. And to top it all off, the kind of mentality that majority of the Filipinos have is that they would not even strive to have a better life, more so, they tend to make other people’s lives even worse than their current state. Many Filipinos still lack those vital characteristics of discipline, drive, and determination to succeed and to aspire more.
It may be true that we have a literacy rate as high as 95%, but still, so many Filipinos are finding it difficult to comprehend the fact that our system has a great, big defect in it.
For almost twenty years now, the Philippines’ type of government is democratic. This type could not have been that bad. In a democratic country, the power is in the people; it is in the hands of the majority. The nation has the power to decide whoever they would like to lead them through the power of voting. Freedom here is the key term and it is being emphasized that...


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