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Charter Schools

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Charter Schools
March 12, 2011

Charter Schools
There seems to be the reoccurring question whether charter schools or vouchers are detrimental for the American Educational System or not.   It is certainly clear that charter schools or vouchers are not detrimental for the American Education System as our government continues to financially fund them and interest falls more in line with the minority communities.   There are many reasons to support and refute this argument.   Charter schools are basically those independent public schools that have some flexibility in defining the curriculum of teachers and are exempted from some government regulations in return for results determined by the education authorities.   They have become an increasingly popular education option among Hispanic and Africa American parents who look for a form of public special education for their children.   In this way, charter schools become very beneficial for minorities.   As the Hispanic community is one of the major communities in the United States of America (USA), so it is important to take care of their needs (Buckley, 2007).
According to the U.S. Charter Schools (organization of the Charter Schools USA), charter schools are characterized by being free of most regulations as imposed on public schools.   Also, relatively innovative pedagogical practices encourage the community and parents to be involved and make decisions, and Charter Schools are evaluated by the scores of their students.   Unlike traditional schools, the majority represents a choice for families, allowing for the participation of parents, communities, and has more room for creativity.   They are less bureaucratic influences and more flexibility to meet the needs of their students.   Each child has different area of strengths, weaknesses and learning needs.   Therefore, charter schools offer a wide range of programs, curriculum, and methods of study.   It gives the opportunity to the students to excel...


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