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Drug Trafficking in the United States

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Drug Trafficking in the United States

Latonya Ford
English Composition
June 5, 2011
Professor Elizabeth Myers

`Drug trafficking:
Drug trafficking has been a problem in the U.S. for many centuries. What is drug trafficking? Drug trafficking involves selling drugs and drug paraphernalia, whether it is a local exchange between a user and a dealer or a major international operation. This is problem that affects the entire nation (http://www.ehow.com/facts_5549701_drug-trafficking.html). Drug trafficking is an illegal business. The risk factors are arrest and/or imprisonment if caught. Drug dealers are also faced with many dilemmas. They must know how to attract customers without attracting the attention of the police. This illegal act is considered informal social activities (John C. Cross. The International Journal of Sociology and Social policy. Petrington: 2000. Vol.20, Iss.9/10;pg.68, 27pgs).
As a drug dealer, the greatest risk is the police, the criminal justice system, and those that compete for the same business. Each day they are faced with the risk of violence to themselves and their families. Most violence often leads to death. This need for speed has lead to a wide range of robbery, kidnapping, extortions, and many other costly acts.
Until we come together fight for the future of our country, drug trafficking will continue to have an impact on our youth, race and ethnicity. It is an industry that will continue to grow. I think laws have to become stricter to stop the flow of drug trafficking. This highly organized crime must stop if we are to have any type of future. Our lives are priceless, and we are simply in a race against time.

Drug trafficking:
In the 1970’s, twenty million people had experimented with some form of illegal substance; by 2007 some 138 million had (Copyright New York Times Company Aug 1, 2010). Since the 70’s the use and distribution of drugs has intensified. It has plaque our economic, political, and social cultures....


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