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Being single isn’t so bad. Maybe everyone won’t agree with me on this but its actually true. This is me trying to be optimistic.

Being in a relationship is not that bad either. It’s great actually! Except that you have to explain everything to that person, you have to report everything you do ASAP, you have to give specific information on who you’re with and why you’re with them, you have less time with your friends, you have to clean out the closet for hang-ups and you have to have clean underwear lagi LMFAO. It gets crazier fellas. I hope ya’ll know where im going with this.

Walking inside a club with no one holding your hand feels so good. Having people look at you and the fact that you can stare back is GREAT! No regrets. No one telling you what to wear at a club is just a relief. Isn’t it great?

Why am I so affected? It’s because I am S I N G L E. this goes out to them girls who are dying to have a boyfriend. See, when you’re single, you have more time for yourself. You have time to figure out who you really are and what you really want. You can also enjoy your time with your friends and not worry about what clothes you wear. You don’t even have to worry about “reporting” on what you’re doing every minute. The best part is: you can DATE! Take it from me girls; dating is the best thing about being single! You have the chance to see what’s really out there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not “playing around” and most importantly it’s not “flirting”. Dating is seeing other guys without a commitment. You just go out and chill. You guys can watch a movie or you can just hang! Its fun ‘coz you can get to know the person without having to worry about the commitment plus THERE ARE CHOICES! You can date one guy, but you can also date a lot of them ( amazing huh?) it would give you time to make this “mental-list” (that’s what I call it) on what you really want in a guy. The list would go on until you find the right one for you or better, if he finds you first!



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