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Cllege App Essay

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College App Essay
    "Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong," said Gandhi. Gandhi employed non-cooperation, non-violence and peaceful resistance as his "weapons" in the struggle against the British occupation, because he realized that India wouldn't be able to face the great British army by force he needed a different and effective kind of force and that was the civil disobedience, Indian people didn't have the ability to face the British army in a war but they had another source of power, a different and effective option which was the peaceful resistance. Similarly, a student may don’t have the academic qualifications to get accepted in college but there's other important things as well, such as personality and passion .So we shouldn't focus only on the academic qualifications . Hence, I strongly believe that my personality, passion and then my academic qualifications make me a strong candidate to get accepted in your college.
    Firstly, as for the personality, participating in a business course called “the company” where we made our own company taught me to be more self-dependant because we actually made a company with a capital by ourselves and this experience made me more sociable by connecting with other people trying to sell our products .So, I believe this experience gave the personality that any college student need for presentations, debates …… etc.
    Secondly, passion is what motivates the student to be creative in his job, studies or even his daily activities, and to be a passionate student, the college I would go to must fit my aspirations and ambitions , the major as well must be right for me because that's where the creativity comes from, physics in my case, that's the reason why I always get the highest marks in physics .So , I found the college and the major I want , and I really hope to be one of your college students .
    Thirdly, the academic qualifications, which considered as the most important qualification the student, have....


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