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Liar - Essay

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  A girl was sitting on the hospital bed, her eyes was looking down on her swaying feet. She caught my attention. I stopped in front of her room, trying to figure out why she looked so weird. She wore a mask of dismal sadness, and a doleful song came out of her mouth. I shivered; her song sent an intangible chill down my back bone. Suddenly, she looked up and met my eyes. Her pensive expression revealed a sea of mournfulness. I turned around and dashed away as fast as I could. Trepidation gobbled up my mind.

  I asked my mother, who was a doctor in the department that the girl was in, about the girl’s health status. That poor girl was suffering from a malignant cancer and she would leave our world any time soon. Sympathy grew in me. I could not sleep that night; a vivid picture of that girl overwhelmed my swirling mind.

  The mellowing sun did not come up the next morning, the sky was blanketed by the languorous clouds. After eating the breakfast, I jumped on my bike then rode as fast as I could to the hospital. I darted to that room, and she was there, lying on the bed. Her eyes stuck on the ceiling. “Hi”, I murmured, not trying to startle her. Her head turned around, she stared at me but still remained silent.   Her unwelcoming attitude created an indescribable awkwardness between the two of us. I just wanted to say something to sooth her sorrow but apparently it was not easy to deliver my thought.

    - Well, you know, my mother is a doctor, who is directly treating for you. She said that you’ll be fine soon, I broke the ice by lying to her.

    - Really?, I heard her voice for the first time. She gave me a doubtful look.
    - Yeah. Of course. My mom has just got the result and I ran to you instantly. Do you see that I was sweating badly?, I joked and then sat next to her bed.
  An indescribable glee glowed up in her eyes. Out of the blue, a radiant streak of light shined through the clouds, encroached her body. The next day, when I...


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