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This circular is to give you heads up information that drainage pipes out of the rest rooms in each apartment of the left bay building is highly damaged and leaking. We thought this would be the high time that we replace it with PUC pipes as the existing concrete pipes are almost 18 years old and any sustenance activity on the existing setup will not work. Erstwhile this has even spoiled the wardrobes in each bedroom with spills of waters heavily realized during rainy season. Together for changing left bay building pipes, we got an estimation of about Rs. 16000 (inclusive of labour – two pipes each side). In case if we all agree to change this for both the sides, the plumber has agreed to get this done for Rs. 31000 (for 4 pipes).
While looking for these options, it was also realized that our rain water harvesting pipe from terrace needs replacement as currently it is hanging without any support and may fall down any time during heavy breeze. This was estimated about Rs. 6000 by the plumber.
I would need concurrence from each flat on the following
Option A :
  1. Replacing pipes (both the sides) – Cost : Rs. 31000
  2. Replacing pipes (rain water harvest) - Cost : Rs.   6000
Total Cost         : Rs. 37000
  Contribution from each flat : Rs. 4625
Option B :
  1. Replacing pipes (on left bay as it is emergency) – Cost : Rs. 16000 (incurred by flat no. 2,4,6,8)
Contribution from 4 flats : Rs. 4000
  2. Replacing pipes (meant for rain water harvesting)         : Rs. 6000 (incurred by all flat owners as this is common)
Contribution from each flat : Rs. 750


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