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If You Become a Prime Pinister of Pakistan

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IF I BECOME P.M OF PAKISTAN!Some times really it comes in my mind that if I really Become A Prime MisiterOf Pakistan so I also would be given all the autorities then I would do alot ofthings which are in my mind.First of all I would see the education system what ever corruption is found inour education system ,,in our universities ,,SSC board ,,HSC board etc I’ll reallylook upon them and kick out all the employees who are beating about the bushand will hire sincere and faithfull people. Who are really educated and know theimportance of education and have faced many problems through out their liveswhile studying. Then I must change the Education medium too, all the schoolseither government or privates would be only ENGLISH Medium schools and Iwould give many facilities to the students too, e.g transports, free diplomas,,,and many others.Second I would see the Police department and must make some new rules andhire some persons to evaluate them periodically.Third I would put a glance on the Women’s Rights and I’ll surely make someorganizations and departments to make some projects or arrange someconferences to make our ladies to be aware of the importance of education,health, children, brought up and many more...........third I’ll see the Youth. Our youth are the future of tomorrow. .so I’ll surelyprovide them some sort of pass time jobs and give some benefits of gettingeducation and motivate them to get high and high education.fourth I see my countrys economy, trade, industries and Internationalrelations.I would make some laws of my own with the advices of Parliments memebers.Last I see the Poverty....I really feel sympathy for the poor people, who can’tofford the basic neccessitites of life at least very old men are still workingbecause of family which he has to support and many old maids working in ourhomes...its not their age to work but they have to....there is nothing fromgovernment to support them. Thank you,


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