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The Enlightenment

The effects of the Enlightenment in the middle of the eighteenth century were huge. The Enlightenment was a time of reason it manifested the discovery of the laws of nature, Society was increasing rapidly because of immigrants from different areas and education in the colonies was advancing in many ways.

The Enlightenment led to the discovery that natural law governs all things.   The idea that the earth was the center of the universe motivated the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus to come with a theory. The theory of the heliocentric system was the initiation of the scientific revolution. Isaac Newton stated that orbits of planets and orbits of human are related and that determine the natural rights to life, liberty and property. Society was increasing dramatically by natural increase and by the constant stream of immigrants from diverse islands. This increase led to the increase of standard living as well. Finally, with the scientific revolution and the increase of society this led to higher education in the colonies. The Americans were the most literate people in the world. For the colonies, education was important so important that literacy was primarily the responsibility of family and church. Although education was advancing the concept of free public school was not in act until the 20th century, but this didn’t stop colonist from educating their young ones.

Americans was exploding during the middle eighteenth century from education to natural rights. The Enlightenment which was also called the time of reason had really important effects to the colonies. The enlightenment prized rational inquiry, scientific discoveries and most importantly individual freedom.


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