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Are You Ready Boots

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1. Write a summary of Are You Ready, Boots?
This short story begins in New York, in Barneys shoe department, where Lulu, Betty and her gayfriend Spencer are looking at shoes. Lulu buys a pair of black leathered Manolo boots on sale.   Six months later, back in London, Spencer invites Lulu to the launch of a new restaurant. For the night out she decides to wear her Manolo boots for the first time. Lulu spots Charlie that night. They start to date and get into a serious relationship. Spencer doesn’t like the fact of them being together, and means that Charlie is a bit boring for her. Lulu thinks he is jealous. In the end Charlie proposes and Lulu accepts. The night of the proposal Lulu wants to be witty and dresses like the first night they met to see if he remembers it. He does, Charlie finds the boots tarty, and tells her that he hates the boots that makes Lulu realize that Spencer was right, she then ends the relationship by telling the boots “Start walking”.
2. Characterize the main character:
I assume Lulu is in the end of the twenties, or beginning of the thirties, because she mentions in the short story, “We’d both left school over ten years earlier” (l. 122).   In the beginning of the story, she compares herself with Carrie, from sex and the city, “Here I was in New York City, shopping just like Carrie” (l.8), which to me tells that she likes to shop, when she can afford it. She doesn’t seem to be a woman with a high salary, since she is very focused on the fact that the shoes are on sale, and that she had used two months’ rent on 4 days (l. 48). I think she is a shopaholic, because she buy things she can’t afford, “-money I could ill afford” (l. 48), and then she doesn’t use the boots because of her bad consciences, “- I couldn’t bear to look at them, let alone wear them” (l. 49).   It seems like she has a lack of self-esteem since she has the needs for materialistic things. She only admires herself with the boots on, “I sang to myself as I zipped the boot...


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