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Effect of Oil Silage

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Name: frank ezebinoka
Department: ISET
Course Code: C E C 108
Mat No: M10/ND/ISET/9021

Advance in science and technology since the industrial revolution has increasingly enabled humans to exploit natural resources. Soil is one of the most vital natural resources which produce food for millions of people and supplies raw materials for a large number of industries on which the world economy is sustained. The soil is a key component of natural ecosystem because environmental sustainability depends largely on a sustainable soil ecosystem. The soil is a veritable tool in agricultural practices. Agricultural practices that reduce soil degradation and improve agricultural sustainability are needed particularly for tropical and sub tropical soils.
Observed that there is correlation of soil enzyme activity with total organic carbon, carbon and nitrogen biomass. Soil enzymes (amylases, acid and alkaline phosphates, cellulases and arylsulfatases, among others) regulate ecosystem functioning and in particular, play a key role in nutrient cycling. They catalyses certain important reactions necessary for the life processes of microorganisms in soil and the stabilization of soil structure. Soil enzymatic activity which can be determined quite promptly and precisely is a reliable indicator reflecting the current biological state of the soil. Crude oil induced changes in the activities of starch degrading enzymes. Invertase activity reduced on addition of crude oil to the soil, due to the unfavorable conditions created by the crude oil and also, cellular destruction by toxic substances, contained in the crude oil and that, crude oil contamination decreased the activity of soil Invertase and glucose level. Also revealed that crude oil in soil inhibited the germination of seeds as well as reduce invertase and amylase activities in Vigna unguiculata and in cassava leaf...


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