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With respect to what you have mentioned earlier, the humans taming nature and all that. I was a bit baffled by your statements because it’s that very reason why we have the comfort we have today. Not to be on the firing end here but everything has its consequences. Take the analogy of an examination. What does it take for you to score high marks in the exam? Effort and dedication, right? But that’s just part of the equation. The big piece of pie lies in time. Time is the opportunity cost forgone in order to achieve the marks. It’s all the other activities like hanging out with your friends which have to be sacrificed in order to reach that level. Apply this back into humans conquering nature. As Mother Nature gets more polluted, more and more alternatives have to be discovered in order to generate the constant thirst for electricity. Hence, humans created the dam in order to generate electricity. This dam also doubles up as a river control system and a reservoir. You can’t just ask humans to, “STOP! DON’T BUILD DAMS! YOU’RE KILLING THE ENVIRONMENT!!” Easier said than done, do you have other suggestions to resolve the energy crisis? Revert back to coal fired plants? Increase nuclear power plants. True, there is solar energy, wind energy and so on but that is not enough to fuel the thirst for electricity, sir. It’s not enough and that is why humans have sought for all other alternatives.
My next point will come in support of the immortality concept. Humans have always been known to try and experiment and even explore new possibilities. As humans strive to discover new sources of greener energy to benefit mankind, research on immortality is also underway. The truth is, it is in the experimental phase but when it becomes true, wouldn’t you want to see the effects of it? What puzzles me is the fact that many humans, before actually seeing the effects of immortality would condemn it prematurely. When Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the plane, humans condemned them as...


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