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Censorship 5

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The government of a country censors information and news that it deems unfit for the country or might potentially cause instability in the country and is a threat to their sovereignty.
In an age where freedom of expression cannot be stressed enough, a pro media censorship agreement can be considered as sacrilege! What people need to realize that censorship does not imply curbing the freedom of expression – it is merely drawing the line between freedom and unrestrained deviltry! Censorship is merely a reminder for people who have crossed the lines of morality and humanity under the name of freedom of expression.

When it comes to media, censorship is a must considering increasing instances of unrestrained inclusion of topics which might be inappropriate for certain age groups or topics which are morally wrong. Unnecessary   encroachment ofpersonal information and privacy has risen since the rise of media which is protect by censorship.
cldren and the youth of today our important elements of the nation. Moral develpment of children leads to good governance and a adeveloped govt. These Children   are constantly being exposed to excessive violence as well as sexually explicit content. Media exposure is an instrumental factor in shaping the opinions and values in these children. A common example is the extremely violent video games that children are addicted to – tend to increase the aggressive tendencies in children.   Media censorship is necessary to see to it that media is not being used as a tool to attack someone’s character or to discriminate and humiliate people.
one section of the Indian media industry that is in dire need of censorship regulations is the news channels in India. Visuals of mutilated bodies during riots, bloodbath, massacre, television channels seem to have forgotten about media ethics in their rat race for TRPs. Being a witness to some of the most inhuman reporting scenarios in some of the most shattering catastrophes, it is my personal...


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