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Mommy Psychology

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The impact of parents on a child can be the most important influence given to a child in life and can make who the child becomes. The reason it is the most important is because the parents should be spending the most time with their child/children. Parents are accountable to themselves and others for how they influence their children. It helps children see themselves through the parent’s role modeling. The parent’s positive influence brings a stable environment for individual growth of children. A negative influence can cause a child to act out and/or need special attention from the parent or maybe even somebody else, such as a psychiatrist. A parents influence can help add to a better society. Therefore, I believe that the influence of parents on a child is very important if you want to keep your child away from a psychiatrist.
The first reason why a parents influence is important (when it comes to keeping your child out the psyches office) is because the parents should be spending the most time with the child. They should be nurturing the child from birth. Quality time is important but quantity is also important. Day by day, hour by hour contact with parents help provide a secure environment for the child to grow. Too much running around and dropping kids off at day cares and baby sitters can be distracting and unsettling to a child. Sometimes it can’t be helped depending on a family’s situation, especially if there is only one parent.
When it comes to this challenging situation a single parent needs a lot of support from extended family and friends. Much of the child’s basic personality is developed in the first seven years. Parents have a great chance to use this time to instill proper values.
Secondly, I believe parents are held responsible to God for how they influence and treat their children He gives them. This is good motivation for setting a good example for your children. They are constantly watching your behavior and responses in all of life’s...


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