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Socialization of Children

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Socialization is an interactive, staged, learning process. It begins shortly after birth and through which children learn how to become active and competent members of the society they live in. During the different processes of socialization, children learn the language of the community or culture they are born into, as well as the different roles that their society has in store for them. In this essay I am going to explain how socialization is a continuous process during children’s lives. I will look at the different contexts affecting this process such as the family environment, school and friends, as well as taking into account diverse factors such as age, gender and culture. I will also look at how far children are actively involved in the socialization process as well as some of the diverse child-rearing practices found in society.
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The interactions between a child and their family environment constitute an integral part in their socialization process. Across different cultures parents will exercise parental guidance according to their cultural norms and beliefs. In the study carried out in the 1960s by two American anthropologists Robert and Yolanda Murphy, amongst the children of the Mundurucu tribe in the Amazon basin (Ch1, Socializing Children, Reading A   p34), we learnt how children were slowly being set up for their adult roles. From their studies we could see the gendered nature of these activities, where girls were shown how to make farinha and boys were initiated in fishing and hunting. good helpful reflection and understanding - you might also comment that this socialization process was very much a community activity and not just down to the child s’ parents. This is a pattern commonly found in Western societies today. Parents commonly encourage their sons and daughters to participate in sex-type activities, including doll playing and engaging in household activities such as cooking or sewing for...


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