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The Plague

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The Plague

      The Plague is a novel that tells a story of about a town in Oran, Algeria that is being taken over by a plague.   The town was just a carefree and joyful town till the plague came along.   The first eyewitness of the start of the plague was Dr. Bernard Rieux.   Dr. Bernard Rieux walked out of surgery to stumble open a dead rat on his landing that was spurting out blood. Not long after, death rate of the dead rats started to increase with the same scenario all across town.   This phenomenon didn’t last long with the public and the subject of the dying rats abruptly disappeared.   After the rat phenomenon there was a mysterious illness that started taking over the town people.   All of the human victims had the same symptoms, which were swells over the body of the victims.     The bubonic plague worsens and the city got quarantined.   The towns’ people took no immediate action towards the fight against the plague and now the plague has worsened and still no one wants to take responsibility so they leave it up to someone else.   Dr. Rieux on the other hand tries to rid the city of the plague by wiring a request to Paris for bubonic serum.   The serum takes awhile and once it gets to Oran the plague turns pneumic and the serum is ineffective.   The death toll keeps rising and the only thing the public does is complain about the state of affairs.
Where would I stand for other people in an epidemic such as a plague?   Would I try to be a hero or defend for myself and escape the quarantine?   Most likely I would try to save as many people as I could because I would probably have relations with allot of the people in the town.   I would want to be the hero because if I die in that scenario like The Plague I would want to go out knowing I helped rather than not helping and becoming a coward.   The perception of life would be altered at that point in time when you know that you are caught up into an epidemic or tragic scenario.   Life before the plague would not be...


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