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In contemporary society.a student's schoolds,for example,primary shool,secondary school and tertiary shool,must be selected carefully by his parents because individuals tend to consider that a good education their child get is equal to a good future their will get.A majority of people hold the view that the selection of students must dependent on thier academic abilities,while others are of the opinion that we should choose students through their comprehensive ablitites rather than just academic aptitudes.Admittedly,there are merits to both arguments.

Those who favor that students are better to be selected through academic talents give thier reasons as follow.First of all,it can boost their studying efficiency to a large extent.this kind of ambience is beneficial to students who are want to get better academic achivements,concentrate on their academic research as long as they are not disturbed by out external environment.Secondly,it is the best way to cultivate specialists,hands down.Obviously,most of the cutting-edge technologies are invented by a group of people who know their areas backwards and forwards.Fianlly,it is this kind of selected pattern that relects the justice of education.As a matter of fact,This is the ture justice.You can't accepte good educations unless you spend you time on you studying,which the peers are playing on-line game.

Some other people hold a different attitude,arguing that the schools should take their diverse talents into consideration while they selected students.In the first place.students will get a happy life with their education.Varitey is the spice of life.No doubt about it.Sudents with different characters would enrich their expericen during their period of studying.Moerover,it is essential for students's versatile delevlopment.Indeed,life is the best teacher.students will not acquire enough special ablities unless they not only stay with different people but also learn from the others.Finally,they might prepare their...


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