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Apology - Essay 2

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English 1301
June 22, 2011

Many people have changed the meaning of apology. My personal understand is different than the dictionary. A lot of people have the word very understood. As the world change apologies change. I will be giving you the dictionary definition, my personal understanding, and misunderstanding.
Apology is an acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault or offense. That is the definition that they give in the dictionary. To me this means that you are telling the person that you have done something wrong and that you understand your mistake and you will not be doing it again. Many people don’t use that word in that content anymore they believe you saying I apologies whether they mean it or not. It’s kind of like a word that people use when then they just want someone not to be mad at them anymore. Thinking the situation goes away after the apology.
My personal understanding and what I have been taught about an apology is that you don’t say it unless you truly mean it. When you apologies to a person you’re showing you care about how they feel and not just brushing them off. My definition of an apology is really feeling remorse about something you have done to hurt someone and fell the need in your heart to make things better with them. With my definition of this word I don’t think people still use it in this kind of way because like I said earlier people are really just looking for a quick way to get out of trouble by saying an apology and thinking everything goes away.
Last many people misunderstand the word apology. People in the world today especially like rich and famous people are so quick to through an apology out there so that all the talk on TV goes away. Just as Tiger Woods had came on TV to apologies about his selfish behaviors and all the things he had done. You could tell he didn’t mean it but only did it so that he wouldn’t lose fans. Or even Chris Brown with Rhianna he had to come on TV and say he was sorry...


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