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Cultural Analysis-Boondock Saints

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Cultural Analysis – Boondock Saints
My Cultural Analysis is on one of my favorite movies The Boondock Saints written and directed by Troy Duffy.   The major theme throughout the whole movie that the McManus brothers follow is the will and power of God.   The ultimate will of God is far greater than the laws of man.   The brothers display a variety of actions through vigilantism, religion, and violence to accomplish what they believe God wants them to do.   By accomplishing these acts they start to be called saints through the public eye.
Irish brothers Connor & Murphy McManus ran into trouble with some mafia gangsters.   They ended up killing the mafia members.   They turned themselves into the police and were released because it was determined that they acted in self defense.   Then one night the brothers believed God called upon them to do a special deed for the Lord and society.   The special deed is to eliminate the world from evil and corruption by killing anyone who fails to obey by the codes of behavior.   The codes of behavior are do not steal, do not rape, and do not kill.   They believe by killing these evil people off, the innocent people will be able to live without fear.   Paul Smeckler, an FBI agent assigned to the case, is trying to figure out the killings, but the closer he got to catching the brothers, the more he is starting to believe what they are doing is the right thing to do.   After the brothers heard the voice of God and the calling that he wanted them to carry out, the brothers never second guessed or felt remorse for their actions.
Vigilantism acts are what the brothers are considered to be doing throughout the movie.   Everyone can admit when a horrible crime happens, but they become frustrated when the judicial service is not doing what they need to do to bring justice.   At one time or another you will think to yourself why someone doesn’t just take them out if the police are not going to do it?   The author Troy Duffy came up with this...


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