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An effectively designed QMS should do the following:
◗ Unify the organization’s economic needs with its quality requirements;
◗ Optimize the flow of information to a wide range of users;
◗ Maintain full compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 International Standard
◗ Provide a dynamic presentation of the organization’s drive towards a
meaningful ISO 9000 QMS;
◗ Propose a resolution as to just what a quality manual should contain
and thereby provide a basis for a less diverse set of practitioner
the three pillars of documentation, implementation, and demonstration of effectiveness that
support QMS operational integrity; the QMS process model; continual/continuous
improvement cycles; and mandatory documentation requirements
Effective QMS Processes
The impact of ISO 9000 certification on performance is a popular topic for
speculation. However, rigorous evidence of performance improvement and
cost reduction has begun to appear in the literature [2].
The process to produce an effective QMS requires the following:
◗ The analysis of the tandard’s requirements—these are stated in terms of
◗ The introduction of an interpretive scheme based on the author’s experience
and technical background;
◗ The top management decision on the total effort to be expended to produce
the QMS (i.e., the degree of responsiveness);
◗ The integration of business strategy with strategic quality management
◗ The clear presentation of the strategic organizational policies documented
in a quality manual (manual);
◗ The aggressive implementation of the designed QMS;
◗ The demonstration that the QMS is effective through the analysis of
data that tracks QMS performance against quality objectives.
The Standard—through its inherent continuous/continual improvement
paradigm, stress on customer satisfaction, heightened awareness of a lowered
cost of quality, transparent business/quality objectives, and explicit calls for...


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